Green is a colour too …

The Long Borders – early May

We were strolling around the garden yesterday evening, cups of tea in hand, noting all that is still to come. When we reached the Long Borders, we commented that they don’t really ‘get going’ until late May, with lupins and alliums. Then we took a second look. Although nothing (other than the euphorbia) is in flower yet, the borders already look rather lovely. It’s not just that we know that all those fast-growing perennials represent so much promise, it’s that the variety of greens, is itself beautiful. Sometimes we forget that green is a garden colour too!

One Response to “Green is a colour too …”

  1. Brian Skeys Says:

    It does seem to me that the ‘green’ this spring has been so vivid and you do notice how many different shades of green there are.


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